Troian Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams Are Parents of 2 — Meet Their Daughters

"Pretty Little Liars" alum Troian Bellisario and former "Suits" star Patrick J. Adams were married for just under two years before they welcomed their first child together, a daughter, in the fall of 2018. Bellisario then gave birth to their second child, another baby girl, in June 2021, a surprise the couple revealed on Instagram after bypassing a pregnancy announcement. The pair, who tied the knot in December 2016, have been fairly private when it comes to their relationship, and even more so when it comes to their two daughters — hence why we have yet to see their faces.

Despite all the rare photos the two have shared of their kids, Bellisario has been forthcoming about motherhood in the past. After the birth of her first daughter, the actor shared on the "Katie's Crib" podcast in 2019 that she felt "love" and "adoration" for her daughter "overwhelmingly early on," per Us Weekly. However, during her pregnancy, she was nervous about the idea of having a daughter. "I was worried," she admitted. "I was thinking about my relationship with my mother, my history with an eating disorder. My imaginings of a girl are so, 'You're gonna hate me.'"

In more recent years, Bellisario has shared more about her parenting journey with Adams, including the interesting story of her second birth. She's also been a big help to fellow actor Shay Mitchell, as the latter has turned to her former "Pretty Little Liars" costar for mom advice in the past. "She has been the person I've gone to for the most advice, obviously having a daughter of her own," Mitchell told Entertainment Tonight of Bellisario in 2019. "I'm the luckiest person in the world. She is not only such an incredible person, but the best mom ever."

On the flip side, Adams once joked to People that two weeks into fatherhood with his firstborn "taught me how much sleep means," though he added that being a new dad was also "great."

Scroll ahead to learn more about Bellisario and Adams's two kids and see all the photos they've shared of them so far.

Aurora Adams

Bellisario and Adams welcomed their first child, a daughter named Aurora, on Oct. 4, 2018. The actors both shared her birth announcement on Oct. 8, with Adams writing in an Instagram post, "I could not be more excited to bring a baby girl into this world at this moment." Alongside a photo of his daughter's tiny hand, the actor added, "We will raise her to be powerful, to always speak her mind and heart and to live without fear. It's a brand new day and a brave new world and they are both beautiful."

On her own account, Bellisario wrote: "I couldn't be more proud to be her mother. To bring a new girl into this world and to do my best to raise her to be kind, strong and whatever the heck she wants to be."

Aside from the fact that Aurora was born at 8 pounds, not much else was revealed about the little one until a year after her birth, when Bellisario shared her daughter's name in a birthday Instagram post.

She wrote: "These past 365 days have been the most challenging, hilarious, sleepless, giggle filled, food-on-the-floor, heart-beating-out-of-my-chest, WONDERFUL, life-changing days I have ever experienced. Our daughter, Aurora is 1 year old today and she has already filled @halfadams and me with more joy and gratitude than our souls can handle."

A day after Mother's Day 2021, Bellisario shared a sweet message for Aurora before welcoming her second daughter less than a week later. "To the magical creature that somehow decided I was the body to come through. You have given me the greatest gift on earth," she wrote on Instagram. "I don't know what the hell I was doing before you. But I do know there were a lot less interesting selfies on my phone. Thank you for choosing me to be your mama."

Elliot Rowena Adams

Bellisario and Adams's second child, a daughter named Elliot, was born on May 15, 2021. Both proud parents announced their daughter's birth two weeks later on Instagram.

"Ms Elliot Rowena Adams joined us on May 15th under the wildest of circumstances," Bellisario wrote alongside a photo of herself with baby Elliot on Instagram. "A whole new ERA for this family. Welcome, my love." On his own account, Adams wrote: "+1 . . . Welcome to the funhouse, Ms. Elliot Rowena Adams. May your life be as unique and exciting as your arrival."

Elliot's birth story certainly sounds like one for the ages, according to Bellisario's recollection on the "Katie's Crib" podcast in June 2021, where she revealed that her daughter's arrival occurred during a car ride to the hospital. "I'm starting to have to push my seat belt away from me. I'm in a lot of pain, but I'm also like, 'I can't be in this position anymore,'" Bellisario recalled. It was Adams who delivered their baby girl after whipping into the hospital parking lot. "I whip around, and by the time I turn my head around, Troian is already [fully on her] hands and knees . . . and we've gone nuclear," he shared on the podcast.

"There was no room for panic," he continued. "You just need to deal with this situation . . . One more push and the baby was all the way out," Adams said, adding that it "all took place in the span of about three minutes." What a tale!

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