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Watch John Cena Talk About BTS on The Tonight Show

John Cena Essentially Presented a Thesis About BTS on The Tonight Show — Proving He's Full Army

On Tuesday, John Cena joined Jimmy Fallon as his first in-studio guest in months on The Tonight Show. The pair took a moment to "bro out" and discuss the last time they got to see one another before Jimmy brought up the fact that it was BTS week. Without missing a beat, John gave an explanation for why he was a fan that was so detailed and thorough that any BTS haters might take a second to rethink their stance. "I got interested in their music and then I got interested in what the music stood for. They advocate self-love. They advocate don't be afraid of failure. They advocate that you are enough . . . That's work and that's purpose. That's changing the f*cking world."

This isn't the first time John has gushed over BTS. Previously on James Corden, John stated his favorite members were J-Hope and RM while telling fellow guest January Jones she was lucky to have met the group. He's also ready to be the group's bodyguard should they ever need another, he stated in a tweet. You can watch him fully fan over BTS in the clip above.

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