55 Times John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Looked Totally In Love

Not only are John Krasinski and Emily Blunt quite the onscreen power couple, but they're also one of the sweetest pairs in Hollywood. It was more or less love at first sight when Krasinski and Blunt first met, and they started dating in 2008. The couple tied the knot two years later, then welcomed their first child, daughter Hazel, in 2014, and their second daughter, Violet, in July 2016. Over the years, they've said many adorable things about each other during interviews, but they show their feelings just as much as they share them. When they pose for pictures together on the red carpet, Krasinski regularly whispers into Blunt's ear, and instead of focusing on the cameras, they get completely wrapped up in each other.

The pair have demonstrated that they're great artistic partners as well as romantic ones — they collaborated on "A Quiet Place" in 2018 and made a sequel in 2021, and a third is on the way. Both actors have flourishing careers of their own, of course, but it looks like they both know that they're ultimately better together. Ahead, check out some of the couple's sweetest photos together over the years.