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Watch John Mulaney Discuss His Secret Service File

Please Allow This John Mulaney Interview to Cure Your 2020 Blues

John Mulaney simply needs to look at a camera and give it a little wink, and we'd be on the floor laughing. On Tuesday, we were treated to comedy gold during his Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance, and it didn't take long for the comedian to talk about the backlash he received for certain jokes he made while hosting Saturday Night Live on Oct. 31. "I often say things on TV in front of 10 million people that I'm just kind of floating as ideas," John said in relation to his jokes about Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Apparently, his wife and nearly everyone he knew were appalled that he wouldn't differentiate between the two. It's not that he meant it that way, he told Jimmy he just "forgot to make the joke good."

This isn't the first time he's received backlash for an SNL joke. His Feb. 29 monologue joke about Caesar being stabbed caused so much alarm, the secret service opened a file on him. "Am I stoked there's a file on me? Absolutely," John said with a laugh. "Did I enjoy it in the moment? Not so much." Jimmy also took a moment to ask John about his new job as a writer for Late Night With Seth Meyers. "[My psychiatrist] said without external structure, I don't have confidence in you thriving. So, I called Seth and asked him for a job," John said in response. After all, who doesn't like structure? However, it seems it's not quite the right fit for him, as John added, "My jokes are not useful to the show." If you're in need of a laugh, you can watch the full interview above.

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