7 Times We Couldn't Stop Watching Jordan Fisher Being Absolutely Adorable on TikTok

Not only is Jordan Fisher gorgeous with the voice of an angel and unparalleled dance moves, but he showcases it all on TikTok. The 26-year-old Work It star does everything from dance trends to serenading us all with his sweet, sweet music. Jordan has even had a few special guests appear in his TikToks, and hint: their names in Teen Beach Movie were Tanner and Rascal. Here's hoping we'll see some of his Work It costars in the future, but until then, see some of his best TikToks below.


When He Had a Reunion With His Teen Beach Movie Pals


When He "Fixed" His Posture (and Ended Up Looking Like a Raptor)


When He Schooled Other's on Their Lip-Syncing Skills


When He Absolutely NAILED That High Note


When He Brought Disney World to His Own Backyard


When It Was Confirmed He Was the Family Favorite


When He Had the Cutest Frown I've Ever Seen