Exclusive: VP Kamala Harris, Lana Condor, and Ross Butler on the Power in Getting Vaccinated

Vice President Kamala Harris is teaming up with two of Hollywood's brightest stars to emphasize the importance of getting vaccinated. During a recent trip to Atlanta, the VP discussed why young people should take vaccines seriously with actors Lana Condor and Ross Butler. The To All the Boys I Loved Before costars shared what makes the dose important to them, personally, and why their peers should feel the same.

Butler recounted his experience being diagnosed with coronavirus in March 2020. "I had it really bad," he said. "I had all of the symptoms before we knew what the symptoms were." He got vaccinated to protect himself from having a repeat experience. Condor wanted to protect her loved ones, too. "My mom has an autoimmune disease," she explained. "I [needed] to get this vaccine because I love her more than anything in this world and I want to be around her safely."

Harris also called out the power that comes from being vaccinated. By getting the dose, people have the ability to "stop this thing from growing." She said, "Don't let anyone take that power from you . . . including misinformation." Watch the compelling chat between Harris, Condor, and Butler above.

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