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Watch Kristen Stewart's Extraspicy Hot Ones Video

Kristen Stewart and the Charlie's Angels Cast Sweat Their Way Through Superspicy Wings

During an extraspicy episode of First We Feast's Hot Ones, Kristen Stewart opened up about her tricks for avoiding the paparazzi, going to public school, and how to thrift the best vintage t-shirts. The Charlie's Angels star also admitted that she loves cooking and even has an, er, extraspecial loquat crumble recipe. (If you live in Los Angeles, she might be stealing fruit from your yard at night.)

After getting through nearly every round of the superspicy hot wings challenge, Kristen got to take on the last (and most intense) hot sauce with her Charlie's Angels costars Ella Balinska and Naomi Scott. "I'm not gonna be a little b*tch about it," Kristen said as she dipped a piece of chicken in the spiciest sauce on the table. "It's almost worse when you exhale . . . My fingers are now tingling," Ella said. Watch the full video here to see the Angels get through the extrahot challenge and to see Kristen talk about what went down after she said "f*ck" on Saturday Night Live.

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