Kyla Pratt's Daughter Might've Won Halloween With Her Spot-On Penny Proud Costume

The nostalgia was in full force on Nov. 1, when The Proud Family's Kyla Pratt posted an Instagram photo of her daughters, Lyric and Liyah, in their Halloween costumes. The star's older daughter, Lyric, dressed as her mom's iconic animated character Penny Proud, and it has to be said: the resemblance is uncanny!

It's wild to think that the voice of Penny Proud not only has kids of her own, but one of them actually went as their mother for Halloween. It's both adorable and a flex. While Liyah's The Little Mermaid costume is equally precious, Lyric's Penny Proud costume was so good, it was as if Penny had come to life and stepped out of the screen. Even the Instagram comments couldn't get over just how alike the pair looked, with a few saying they needed her to be the live-action version of Penny! Now, if only Kyla had dressed as Trudy Parker-Proud, everything would've come full circle.