Lizzy Caplan Feels Lucky to Experience Parenthood With Husband Tom Riley

Lizzy Caplan has come a long way since starring as Janis Ian in the hit 2004 movie "Mean Girls," both personally and professionally. Since portraying the beloved witty and outspoken friend of Lindsay Lohan's Cady Heron, Caplan has landed roles on TV shows such as "Masters of Sex" and movies like the recent "Fleishman Is in Trouble." Currently, she stars alongside Joshua Jackson in Paramount+'s "Fatal Attraction."

Despite keeping a busy work schedule, Caplan has made family a priority. In fact, she's extremely proud of the life she's created with her husband, actor Tom Riley, whom she wed in September 2017, per People. "We got a lot of life in before we had a kid, so we were both very ready to do this," Caplan told Grazia USA in 2022.

In the same interview, she praised Riley for being the "father of the century." "And it's just so much more mind blowing and better than you could imagine before actually going through with it," she added. "That's been our experience."

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Lizzy Caplan's Son, Alfie
Getty | Noam Galai

Lizzy Caplan's Son, Alfie

Caplan and Riley aren't on social media, so they leave much to the imagination when it comes to their personal lives. However, during a January 2022 appearance on "Late Night With Seth Meyers," Riley revealed the happy news that he and Caplan had welcomed a baby boy in late 2021. Riley didn't give too much information away, but a few months later, Caplan spoke about motherhood in an interview with Grazia USA.

"There are moments where you're just watching this little person do a thing and you're just beaming at him and you don't even realize you're beaming until maybe you see a picture of yourself watching him do this thing and you realize, 'Oh my, I'm smiling so much right now,'" she said. "I was smiling without being totally aware that I'm smiling — it's like this unrivaled pure joy."

Later in the interview, Caplan expressed her gratitude for Riley, whom she said is the perfect match for her in parenthood. "The division of labor can really fall to the woman in the majority of cases," she explained. "I definitely could not have worked as much as I've worked this year if I didn't have this partnership with my husband. But also, it just wouldn't be as fun if we weren't sharing all of it 50-50. We're pretty good at seeing the funny in stressful situations. I do feel very, very lucky."

Caplan once again opened up about life as a mom during an interview with The Guardian in February 2023 while discussing her role of Libby in "Fleishman Is in Trouble." "I just feel a sense of calm that eluded me for my entire youth," she shared. "In retrospect, I'm very happy I never had to experience that shot-out-of-the-cannon, life-changes-overnight thing . . . but again, this is how it feels looking back."