Madison Bailey, Brett Gray, and Ramona Young Crack Up Guessing Famous Netflix Kisses

Netflix teen shows are chock full of high-stakes drama, intrigue, cliffhangers, and, of course . . . steamy make-outs. We got the stars of some of the streaming giant's biggest hits — Madison Bailey (Kiara on Outer Banks), Brett Gray (Jamal on On My Block), and Ramona Young (Eleanor on Never Have I Ever) — together to see if they could identify the Netflix show just by its iconic (zoomed-in) kiss.

It's no easy feat, and multiple-choice answers can sometimes trip up even the most well-rounded experts (as any test-taker will tell you). These three nailed it, though, laughing their way through everything from how you should look when saying Never Have I Ever . . .

. . . to how to identify a clip from On My Block.

See them pick apart every peck for clues in the video above, and check out all their shows streaming now on Netflix!

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