Outer Banks Star Madison Bailey Can Thank TikTok For Her Relationship With Mariah Linney

Love is strong in the Outer Banks! Costars Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline recently revealed they're together IRL, and on June 11, Madison Bailey (aka Kiara from the Netflix show) told social media followers she's dating UNC basketball player Mariah Linney.

Madison and Mariah seemingly connected over TikTok in May, when Mariah made a flirtatious video about the actress. Madison responded in kind, and eventually, the two went public with their romance by sharing sweet videos and photos together. "Thanks to TikTok," Mariah captioned one of their videos. The couple got plenty of excited support from their fans in the comments on TikTok and Instagram. Kooks and Pogues alike can tell Mariah and Madison make a very cute couple!