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Margot Robbie Was Mistaken For Sex Education’s Emma Mackey

Sex Education's Emma Mackey Isn't Mad About Margot Robbie Being Mistaken For Her: "I'll Take It"

When Netflix released Sex Education at the beginning of 2019, Twitter was very quick to point out the striking resemblance between one of the main characters — Maeve Wiley — and Margot Robbie. As far as celebrity dopplegängers go, this one is pretty damn good.

So, when Emma Mackey visited BBC 1 Radio on Thursday morning with Sex Education costar Ncuti Gatwa to discuss the imminent release of Sex Education's second season, host Greg James had to address the elephant in the room. "[Margot Robbie] was being interviewed with Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio . . . and they were saying 'who have you been mistaken for?'" Emma immediately knew where the conversation was heading.

"Someone came up — a few weeks ago, I was eating a burger at Apple Pan — and they were like, 'oh, I loved you in Sex Education. That show is so cool, we just started watching it'," Margot says in the clip. "And I was like 'oh, I'm so sorry, that's not me." As for what Emma thinks of the whole thing, she says "it just made me laugh."

"It's kind of like a running thing now, a running joke that, you know 'have Margot Robbie and Emma Mackey been seen in the same room?' But I think it's amazing, I'll take it." Watch the full clip above to reacquaint yourself with the lovely Sex Education cast ahead of the season two release on Jan. 17.

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