Everything We Know About Meena Harris's 2 Kids, Amara and Leela

Meena Harris is a CEO, children's book author, lawyer, niece to Vice President Kamala Harris, and more, but she's also a mom of two! She and her partner, Nikolas Ajagu, share two daughters who, from the look of mom's Instagram, have huge, bubbly personalities.

Meena's photos of her girls are usually accompanied by meaningful — and oftentimes funny! — captions, especially in those that feature their great-auntie Kamala. And usually, the duo, who have a 20-month age gap but look so much like twins, are pictured in matching outfits — but it's not just for cutesy reasons. On a post of her girls in matching plaid overalls and white boots, Meena wrote, "Y'all think we dress kids alike because it's cute, but the real reason is that it's easier to keep track of them when we're out." Parenting hack!

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Meena and Nikolas welcomed their first child, a daughter named Amara, in June 2016.

In November 2020, a sweet moment between Amara and her great-auntie made headlines when Amara shared with Kamala that she aspires to be president one day. And not just here on Earth, but in space as well. "I know I'm going to be president," Amara told her great-aunt, who responded, "You could be president . . . but not right now, you have to be over the age of 35." Amara then went on to make a comment about being an astronaut president, to which Kamala's eyebrows hilariously furrowed.

We love this little one's ambitious spirit, that's for sure!


Meena and Nikolas's second child, a daughter named Leela, was born in mid February 2018.

The sweet little one is rarely pictured without a huge smile on her face, and seems to be easily pleased in the cutest way. In November 2020, Meena shared a photo of herself and Leela traveling to Delaware ahead of Election Day, writing: "Someone is very excited to visit Delaware for the first time and talk to Joe Biden about ice cream." Honestly, we would have been pumped to experience this, too!

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