Grab the Tissues as Michelle Obama Pays Tribute to Her Mom: "You Are My Rock"

On Friday, Michelle Obama posted an outtake from Becoming on Instagram as part of a tribute to her mother, Marian Robinson, for Mother's Day. In the sweet clip, we see glimpses of the former first lady and her brother, Craig, as children. Michelle is also shown asking her mother about her secret to raising two kids. Part of the secret was the fact that "there is no secret" and that Marian "had fun with [her] kids."

In her caption, Michelle reminisced about "the lessons that my mom taught me and my brother Craig over the years." As Michelle was growing up, Marian took her kids seriously and always gave them "the space to ask questions and share ideas." "She always took us seriously, carefully considering what we had to say and responding with thoughtful questions, and plenty of encouragement," Michelle wrote.

She then ended her tribute by explaining how much her mom means to her, adding that Marian was "empowering" and kindled "the unique flame burning inside each of us." "She laid out the blueprint for how I have raised my own girls," she wrote. "Mom, you are my rock and my best friend, and you have been a guiding light throughout my life. I love you!" See Michelle's tribute above.