The Story Behind the *NSYNC "It's Gonna Be May" Meme Is Just as Incredible as the Meme

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If you're a fan of *NSYNC, memes, and the month of May, you're probably familiar with the iconic "It's Gonna Be May" meme. Every time April 30 rolls around, you can pretty much guarantee to see at least one image of Justin Timberlake in all of his blonde noodle hair glory smiling at you on your timeline. A play on the way Timberlake pronounces the lyrics in the hit *NSYNC song "It's Gonna Be Me," the meme is one of the few that never gets old. But do you know the origin of the meme? Well, we can all thank *NSYNC superfan Kianna Davis.

It all started when Davis was a junior in college and created a calendar full of things to brighten her day. "I was still in college, I didn't think anything of it other than posting a joke for my NSYNC friends," she recently told NewsNation Now. "I never in my life imagined it would become this." Of course, it eventually became something much bigger, which Davis is really excited about. "It's nice now to have so many friends all across the world who love NSYNC and now we pretty much have a holiday where we can come together and celebrate the group," she said.

In addition to getting recognition from fans and outlets, Davis has also received praise from the boy banders themselves. Davis previously joined Lance Bance on a podcast to talk about the meme, and most recently, Timberlake shouted out Davis his Instagram Story. "Now that it's ACTUALLY May, I have to give props where they are due. Look what you started @astro_kianna," Timberlake wrote alongside a photo of Davis holding up a calendar and his meme at the end of the month of April. At a time when so many Black creators are having their work stolen, it's that much more important for the members of *NSYNC and their fans to give credit where credit is due.