Drew Barrymore and Pamela Anderson Bond Over Giving Their Kids the Safety "We Never Got to Have"

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Drew Barrymore and Pamela Anderson found a point of connection during an interview — their kids — and it led to an emotional moment between the two stars. In a Feb. 13 interview on "The Drew Barrymore Show," the pair discussed raising their kids in the public eye and wanting to take better care of them than they themselves had been cared for as children.

"When I had my kids, it was like, that changed everything," Barrymore said. "Are we protecting our children the way we never got to have that protection?"

"My kids didn't know they had a security guard at school," Anderson replied. "I hired someone to be an assistant PE instructor just to be there 'cause people were trying to take them off the schoolyard. I had to find clever ways to kind of make them feel everything was normal, but I needed to know eyes were on them and not, you know, I was not going to take that chance."

"I so understand. I get it," Barrymore said, getting visibly emotional. "Don't f*ck with my kids. This is not OK. They didn't sign up for this. It's hard."

Both stars grew up facing different struggles at young ages. Anderson has been open about how modeling helped her overcome childhood trauma, while Barrymore entered the public eye as a child star after appearing in "E.T." at the age of 7, and her struggles as a teenager are well-documented. However, it seems like both Anderson and Barrymore have been able to turn their struggles into wisdom that informs the way they raise their own families.

In the interview, both said they wanted to use lessons from their own childhoods to give their kids the best upbringing possible. "Maybe our whole lives were the best things for setting us up as parents," Barrymore said.

Anderson agreed, saying, "We just have to make sure that women know how to make themselves safe, from very young girls."

Barrymore has two daughters — 10-year-old Olive and 8-year-old Frankie — with her ex-husband Will Kopelman. Anderson has two sons, 26-year-old Brandon Thomas and 25-year-old Dylan Jagger, whom she shares with her ex Tommy Lee. Both of her sons accompanied her to the premiere of her Netflix documentary, "Pamela, a Love Story," which premiered in January.

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