Pedro Pascal's Success Was Destined, According to His Birth Chart

Getty | Amy Sussman
Photo Illustration: Aly Lim
Getty | Amy Sussman
Photo Illustration: Aly Lim

Pedro Pascal has become the Latinx sweetheart of this moment. Many Latinx American households have long been familiar with the Chilean-born American actor thanks to his impressive acting credentials and charismatic personality. In recent years, Pascal has risen to worldwide fame for his appearances in "Game of Thrones," and alongside Bella Ramsey in HBO's hit drama "The Last of Us." We can't help but stan not only for his charm, but it's also great to see a Latino in the public eye helping to eliminate toxic machismo and combating transphobia in Latinx culture as an ally. Pascal has been fiercely supportive of the LGBTQ+ community — notably championing his sister Lux, who is trans. He claims she is "one of the most powerful people" he's ever known.

As we see it, Pascal represents the modern Latino who is in tune with his healthy masculinity. It's something hard to come by in a culture that is largely still operating from a patriarchal lens. Pascal comes across as a loving and supportive personality who is able to provide a safe space for marginalized people, which should be the norm, honestly. He is inclusive of all his fans and peers — no matter their identity.

You can't deny that his aura makes him very attractive! He's also an astrology believer who knows his own chart pretty well. How can you not love him for that? For these reasons and more, we're breaking down his astrological chart to help explain what makes him tick.

Pedro Pascal's Big 3 (Sun, Moon, and Rising)

The "big three" are what are known as your sun, moon, and rising positions in your natal chart. Everyone has a big three in their astrological chart. They're an easy way to grasp your chart if you're beginning to understand astrology; referring to your personal big three placements has become the modern-day version of claiming your A/S/L on AOL Instant Messenger. Learning your big three is where you'll want to start if you're learning the basics of astrology — they're a helpful tool in describing what makes you unique, according to the cosmos.

Pascal has an Aries sun and a Capricorn moon. Here's what his chart reveals about him.

Pedro Pascal Is an Aries Sun

The sun sign position is what many people refer to as their zodiac sign. Or at least, their main zodiac sign. The sun sign gets the most notoriety in mainstream astrology because horoscopes are approached from the perspective of your sun sign. This position, your sun sign, describes your personal power and personality.

Pascal is an Aries sun sign, which means that he was meant to be in the spotlight. When the sun is in the constellation of Aries, which in this case refers to when he was born, the sun is exalted — operating at its highest frequency and blessing him with popularity, protection, and prosperity. This goes for all you Aries suns: you're meant to shine bright.

As an Aries, he is also a leader and a natural trailblazer. He has a strong understanding of his morals and has an inner warrior ready to fight for whom and what he loves. We see this part of his sun expressed by how protective he is over his loved ones and his costars. He isn't afraid to be a protector or a provider, and he portrays this on screen (most notably in his role as Joel Miller in "The Last of Us").

Pedro Pascal Is a Capricorn Moon

The moon sign is the vulnerable expression of your hidden self and authentic self. It's the portion of your soul you are highly protective of and only share when you feel safe with those around you. It also gives insight into how you can be reactive or nurturing.

Here, the moon is operating in her most insecure form in Capricorn. Meaning, the moon in Capricorn is in its detriment. The moon feels uneasy here because Capricorn dominates the moon into being more masculine versus feminine. However, Capricorn moon people can embody a healthy dual approach to both their masculine and feminine sides when balanced. And this is, in fact, something Pascal is able to express naturally. This placement makes him grounded, practical, and a hard worker. At 47, Pascal is no stranger to playing the long game in Hollywood and is finally receiving his flowers for doing so.

Pedro Pascal's Unknown Rising

The rising sign is the expression of self that you want others to perceive you as. Think of this position in your chart as your first encounter with others and how you're trying to control how they view you; in other words, this is your personal branding. Pascal isn't quite sure of his rising sign. There's online debate among astrologers as to whether Pascal is a Gemini or Cancer rising. In order to determine your rising sign, you must know your exact birth time for accuracy. The rising sign changes every two hours, hence the wide range of possibilities.

As an astrologer, I would personally put him as a Libra rising. He is someone who is generally caring and intuitive. He's a great communicator, but an equally great active listener, something air signs like Libras are known for. He's self-expressive through his fashion like a true Libra. He's also graceful with his interview technique, which is something Libra risings grow into. Libra risings are also very alluring because of their ruling planet Venus. He also has the stereotypical marking of the Libra rising cupid's bow on his lips, a dead giveaway hidden by his current mustache.

Pedro Pascal's Jupiter Is Key to His Recent Success

Although he has been a longtime actor and isn't a new kid on the block, why is Pascal experiencing fame so late in his career? Astrology helps us predict the timings of your chart and according to Pascal's, his Jupiter is the key to his current success. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, blessings, and wealth. Everyone has a Jupiter position in their natal chart. This planet will tell you how to activate your own prosperity in this lifetime.

Jupiter is a planet that gets activated in your chart every 12 years, and you can experience up to seven Jupiter returns in your lifetime. You want to make sure you're paying attention to when Jupiter is returning back into the zodiac sign it was in on your birthday.

A Jupiter return can be experienced as early in life as the age of 12 and as late in life as 96. You can anticipate recognition and an easygoing time in life during a Jupiter return. It's the best time to go after your goals and watch your hard work be rewarded. This is also a time in life when you undergo spiritual development and are called to give back to charitable matters.

In 2023, Jupiter is transiting Aries and blessing anyone who has their Jupiter in Aries. Pascal's Jupiter, fittingly, is in the sign of Aries.

That Pascal is undergoing his Jupiter return in 2023 can explain the explosive attention and support he's receiving, thanks to the cosmos. You can expect us to be talking about Pascal and his future achievements well into 2025, too. He's going to continue receiving big opportunities and recognition, because this is his birthright, according to the astrological timing of Jupiter. His success was destined with his Aries sun and Aries Jupiter natal positions!

What to Do When You Have Your Own Jupiter Return

You'll want to make sure you're really harnessing this transit when it occurs for you. During a Jupiter return, your efforts are best spent giving back to others and building wealth for yourself. Jupiter is bringing you good fortune and lucky events at this time. You'll want to spread good karma and watch it multiply.

This is a time period where you'll notice you may be more optimistic, and others will take a particular liking to you. Jupiter is your key to success. May you manifest it wisely, just like Pascal.