Inside Pedro Pascal and Sarah Paulson's Sweet, 30-Year Friendship

Back in February, Pedro Pascal hosted "Saturday Night Live" for the very first time, and he brought along one of his best friends to make a surprise appearance: Sarah Paulson. The "Ratched" actor made a cameo during the show's "Fancam Assembly" sketch as a high school teacher named Ms. Jenny opposite Pascal's Mr. Ben, whose Gen Z students hilariously dub the pair "mommy" and "daddy." Although they only shared the screen together briefly, their scene was one of the episode's biggest highlights. And though it was just a sketch, some fans learned about Pascal and Paulson's decades-long friendship for the first time because of it. The duo have actually been friends for 30 years.

Their friendship began during the early 1990s when they were just teenagers. At the time, Pascal and Paulson were both up-and-coming actors living in New York. Eventually, they crossed paths, and after hitting it off, the two became best pals who would go on to take over Hollywood together.

Of course, Paulson is known for starring in the "American Horror Story" TV franchise, as well as movies like "The Post," "Ocean's 8," and "Run." Meanwhile, Pascal has become a household name due to his roles on "Game of Thrones," "The Mandalorian," and "The Last of Us."

Despite being two of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Pascal and Paulson still find time to hang out with each other whenever they can, and they've shared so many cute moments over the years. If you're a fan, scroll through the slideshow to see their friendship timeline.


September 1993: Pascal and Paulson Meet For the First Time

In a 2014 conversation between Pascal and Paulson for Interview magazine, the "Narcos" star revealed the duo met in September 1993 when he had just moved to New York City. "I was really lucky because my first friend at NYU lived in Brooklyn, Kristen, and went to high school with you, so your guys' posse kind of adopted me," Pascal told Paulson.

One of Pascal's earliest memories together was going to see the movie "Fearless" with their friends in the Upper East Side. "There were eight of us sitting next to each other and, as I remember, we were all sobbing by the end of it," Pascal recalled.

After finishing the movie, they all went to the park, where they just so happened to see Woody Harrelson. "We were the two people who knew exactly who he was and fanned out a little bit. Nobody else cared," Pascal said. "We had our little celebrity sighting moment and that, in retrospect, was our first step towards bonding."

Their wild night out didn't end there, because Pascal remembered the group "running down Fifth Avenue" and "getting knocked down by a cabbie."

"I remember that so clearly," Paulson said. "It's a wonder we survived. When I think about the debauchery, the things that we did, the kind of sh*t we were pulling and the way we were behaving, I don't even know how we made it to the next morning, much less 20 years later."


Late 1990s: They Briefly Lose Touch

In their conversation with Interview magazine, the pair said they went through "a period of estrangement" due to their lives going in separate directions. "I think we went through a period where we didn't talk as much, but it was never because we were fighting," Paulson said.

Pascal explained it was because Paulson moved to Los Angeles to further pursue her acting career. "You were the first of all of us that started working and never stopped," he said.


Late 1990s-2000s: They Reconnect

Luckily, that period didn't last long, because they reconnected when Pascal went to Los Angeles years later. "I came to L.A. for a bit and then went back to New York. Even after going back to New York, we somehow went into chapter two of our friendship that — we attached to each other and haven't been able to let go," Pascal told Interview magazine.

Paulson credits their friendship to that one wild night out in New York City. "I think when you get knocked off by a cabbie and you see Woody Harrelson and you see 'Fearless' all in one day, you're either bonded for life or you'll never see each other again," she said.

In an April profile for Esquire, Pascal and Paulson revealed that while he was a struggling actor, Paulson would help financially support him so he could keep working. "There were times when I would give him my per diem from a job I was working on so that he could have money to feed himself," Paulson said.

2014: Their Careers Begin Overlapping
Getty/ Dimitrios Kambouris

2014: Their Careers Begin Overlapping

After Paulson became a series regular on "American Horror Story" and Pascal gained fame for starring on "Law & Order," the pair began crossing paths over and over again. For example, they both attended the 2014 SAG Awards in Los Angeles, where they posed for a few pictures together during the ceremony. Afterward, they became each other's regular dates at red carpet events like the 2014 Producers Guild Awards and Directors Guild of America Awards in Beverly Hills. That same year, they also reunited in New York City for the premiere of "The Normal Heart."

2015: They Continue Making Public Appearances Together
Getty/ Jeff Kravitz

2015: They Continue Making Public Appearances Together

Pascal and Paulson kicked off 2015 by making several public appearances together. Days after attending the Los Angeles premiere of "Togetherness," the duo were pictured hanging out at the Golden Globes afterparty. They also snapped a few photos with Amanda Peet at the SAG Awards that year.

January 2016: They Attend the SAG Awards Together
Getty/ Jeff Kravitz

January 2016: They Attend the SAG Awards Together

After running into each other at the SAG Awards two years in a row, Pascal and Paulson officially attended the 2016 ceremony together. The stars were all smiles on the red carpet while posing for photos.


April 2019: Paulson Supports Pascal's Broadway Debut

When Pascal marked his Broadway debut by playing Edmund in "King Lear," Paulson made sure to snag a ticket to the show to see her bestie perform. "I love you @pascalispunk what an extraordinarily moving thing to witness your Broadway debut. I am in awe of you," she wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of the pair sharing a sweet moment.


April 2020: Paulson Reminisces Over Old Times

Paulson celebrated Pascal's 45th birthday by sharing a series of photos of him on Instagram. "Happy Birthday @pascalispunk," she wrote alongside her post, before referencing their night out in New York City all those years ago. "Long standing, always enduring, ever evolving friendships feel particularly poignant these days- Woody Harrelson, Central Park, and Fearless forever. I love you now and always. Here's to more of all of it."


December 2020: Pascal Calls Paulson a "F*cking Goddess"

Following Paulson's heartwarming birthday Instagram for Pascal, the "Triple Frontier" star returned the favor by dedicating a post to the actor for her 46th birthday. "Dancing to Prince with this woman for more than half my life," he wrote. "Happy birthday you f*cking goddess. #PostedWithoutPermission #NeverTooBold."

2023: They Appear on "Saturday Night Live" Together
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2023: They Appear on "Saturday Night Live" Together

Three decades after meeting as rising actors in New York City, Pascal and Paulson's friendship came full circle when they appeared on "Saturday Night Live" together. The Feb. 4 episode marked Pascal's first time hosting the show, so it was only natural he would want his best friend by his side for the special milestone.