Pete Davidson's Mother, Amy, Is His Biggest Fan

Pete Davidson is just as proud of his mom as she is of him. Since making his "Saturday Night Live" debut in 2014, the comedian has spoken out about his childhood on numerous occasions and has included his mom, Amy Waters Davidson, in episodes of "SNL" among other things. Pete was born on Nov. 16, 1993, to Amy, a school nurse, and Scott Davidson, a New York City firefighter who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks when the comedian was just 7 years old.

The loss of his dad hit Pete hard, and his mom did everything she could to make sure he was happy. "It was sad how sad he was growing up," Amy told the New York Times in an October 2015 interview while discussing how Pete began pursuing comedy as a young teen. "He had a tough time growing up without a dad β€” I wanted him to be happy, and this made him really, really happy."

During his "SNL" hosting stint on Oct. 14, Davidson delivered an emotional cold open, in which he remembered his dad while addressing the war between Israel and Hamas. He said, "After my dad died, my mom tried pretty much everything she could do to cheer me up. I remember one day when I was 8, she got me what she thought was a Disney movie. But it was actually the Eddie Murphy stand-up special 'Delirious.' And we played it in the car on the way home. And when she heard the things Eddie Murphy was saying, she tried to take it away. But then she noticed something. For the first time in a long time, I was laughing again. I don't understand that. I really don't and I never will. But sometimes comedy is really the only way forward through tragedy."

Amy has been a constant in Pete's life no matter how big his success has gotten. In fact, his 2020 film "The King of Staten Island" was loosely based on his real life, with Pete previously telling CBS News, "I just always wanted to show where I'm coming from. Pretty much like how a tragedy affects a family. And I think, like, there hasn't been many of those movies that are, like, really honest and transparent."

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Who Is Pete Davidson's Mom?
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Who Is Pete Davidson's Mom?

Amy married Pete's dad, Scott, in 1990. In addition to Pete, Amy and Scott also welcomed a daughter named Casey in 1997. Amy is her kids' biggest cheerleader, often posting about them on her Instagram page. From their birthdays to Casey's educational success and Pete's booming entertainment career, she never misses a beat. In 2019, Amy shared a beautiful series of photos of her, Pete and Casey, writing, "Thank you for making me a mom. My biggest accomplishments of my life πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ Forever blessed!"

Following Scott's death, Pete says his mom never went on to date. "Seriously, she's been, like, not with anybody since, like, my dad died," Pete previously said during an episode of Tan France's Netflix show "Dressing Funny" in 2019. "[If I didn't like someone she brought home] I'd be like, 'Hey, that guy's not cool, but like, get it in,'" he joked during the episode.

Despite Pete's success and age, he continued to live with his mom for years after becoming famous. "I live with my mom, kinda… We bought a house together, but nobody believes that," Pete shared during an interview on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" (via Entertainment Tonight) in 2019. "So I have like a basement that's like mine that's like an apartment, so I live underneath her."

By 2021, however, Pete shared on TikTok (via People) that he had moved into his own "pad" β€” but not far from his mom's house. During a February 2021 "Weekend Update" segment on "SNL," Pete joked: "The thing is my mom is a lot like this show. No matter what I do, I'm never asked to leave. Also, they're both really old and noticeably fatigued." He added of their formerly shared property, "Me and my mom bought that house together, so for me to afford somewhere new I'm gonna have to fight Jake Paul or steal one of Lorne [Michaels]'s paintings."

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