11 Times Prince Harry Showed Off His Dance Moves and Sashayed Into Our Hearts

Out of everyone in the British royal family, Prince Harry might just be the most fun! Listen, he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and play sports, he's kind of a rebel, and he almost never shies away from showing off his smooth dance moves. The 35-year-old Duke of Sussex has proven time and time again that he can get down on the dance floor during various tours and engagements — remember when he danced to Bob Marley in Jamaica in 2012? Luckily for us, Harry just kicked off his Southern Africa tour with Meghan Markle and baby Archie, and he's already showed off some of his moves. Hopefully, there's more where that came from! Until then, please enjoy these adorable videos of Harry dancing his way around the world.


When He and Meghan Markle Cut Loose During Their Tour of Southern Africa


When He Heard His Wedding Song and Couldn't Resist Busting a Move in Australia

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When He Was Feeling Bob Marley in Jamaica


When He Tried to Impress Meghan With His New Dance Moves in Cardiff, Wales

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When He Channeled His Inner Katy Kat in Chile

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When He Showed Off His Grand Jeté in London

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When He Took Dance Lessons From a Group of Kids in Lesotho

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When He Was Just Really Feeling the Music in Barbados

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When He Did a Little Shimmy in the UK

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When He Just Felt Like Grooving at Kensington Palace