Prince Harry Revealed What He Thinks Happens to Us After We Die

If you think being actual royalty means you're above asking celebrities for their autographs, think again. In a new segment from Prince Harry's January interview on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" released on March 1, Harry took the "Colbert Questionert" in which he answered a series of 15 personal questions (that were somehow not covered in his bestselling memoir "Spare" or his Netflix documentary, "Harry & Meghan").

In one lighthearted yet revealing moment, Colbert questioned if Harry had ever asked another person for their autograph. The royal didn't hesitate to say yes — and even shared the hilarious anecdote. "The England rugby team in 2003 in the Telstra stadium at the World Cup final," he revealed as the subject of his biggest fangirl moment. "After a few drinks, wearing an England rugby top, I was walking around going, 'Johnny, Johnny! Mike, Mike! Lawrence! Come on, sign my shirt!' And they're all standing there naked with their willies hanging out. But I got all 15 signatures. I was really happy with that."

The interview was mostly packed with fun, straightforward questions, like "What is the best sandwich?" Answer: A "cheese and ham toasty with dijon mustard." Plus, "Favorite smell?" Answer: "My wife." (Obviously.)

But Colbert also got Harry to dig deep at moments. When asked what he thinks happens when we die, Harry said he believes we could be reincarnated as animals. He would particularly love to be reincarnated as an elephant. The answer calls back to a revelation in "Spare," in which Harry said he believed an encounter with a leopard in Botswana was a sign from his late mother, Princess Diana. To conclude the game, Harry ended the Colbert interview by describing the rest of his life in five words, poignantly sharing, "Freedom. Happiness. Clarity. Space. Love."

Watch the entire "Late Show with Stephen Colbert" segment below.

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