Priyanka Chopra Reveals the 1 Thing She Kept From the "Citadel" Set: "They Have a Pride of Place"

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Priyanka Chopra is ready to kick some butt in Prime Video's new thriller spy series "Citadel." In the show, Chopra and Richard Madden play a pair of special agents, Nadia Sinh and Mason Kane, respectively, who work for a global spy agency called Citadel. After the agency is destroyed by Manticore, Nadia and Mason barely escape with their lives and have their memories wiped clean in the process. They've managed to remain hidden since then, but years later, they're thrown back into the world they left behind after an old colleague tracks them down. The only problem is they're unaware of their pasts.

Speaking to POPSUGAR, Chopra says if she were to embark on a real-life secret mission, she would take her husband, Nick Jonas, and mom Madhu Chopra. "I'm gonna have to go with my husband because he's like really strong, but I would also [go] with my mom," says Chopra. "She can, in any city, find you the funnest places to go. She's never been there but she'll find the smallest hole-in-the-wall pub that you want to go to."

Chopra also shares that she kept the pair of red Christian Louboutin shoes that her character wears in the first episode of the series. "They have pride of place because I did stunts in them in my closet and they're actually lit up."

"Citadel" hits Prime Video on April 28. To learn what Chopra did with her first major acting paycheck, watch the video above.