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Reese Witherspoon Can You Feel It Video on Jimmy Fallon

Reese Witherspoon Psyching Out Jimmy Fallon as He Touches Gourds Has Us Cry-Laughing

Reese Witherspoon played "Can You Feel It" with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night, and you'll have to excuse me, I need a minute to compose myself. The hilarious game is a simple concept — Reese and Jimmy take turns putting their hands inside boxes filled with a mystery object, and they have to guess what's inside without seeing it. This segment is conclusive proof that anything can be truly terrifying when blindfolded.

The objects are completely harmless, if not a little gross. Think dentures, melted Snickers bars, and gourds. But the hilarity doesn't lie in the objects themselves but rather Reese psyching Jimmy out at every turn. She shrieks about the gourds until Jimmy's hands are shaking. She suggests he passes on the fake spider in a very fake spider web. Honestly, I was crying from laughing so hard, and you probably will, too — watch the full video above.

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