Rickey Thompson Didn't Just Wear Halloween Costumes This Year, He Put on a Whole Show

While many celebrities simply post pictures of their costumes, a picture just wasn't enough to fully encapsulate the looks Rickey Thompson went for this Halloween season. Along with his We Said What We Said cohost Denzel Dion, Rickey crushed it when it came to pop culture costumes — paying homage to everyone from Janet Jackson to the Sanderson Sisters. Wondering what Rickey was going to post each day leading up to Halloween had us on the edge of our seats, mainly because we knew he was going to do his best to fully embody whatever the costume entails. Seriously, his Zendaya was good enough to get approval from the Euphoria star herself. Ahead, you can see all of his costumes from Halloween 2020.


"Cater 2 U" Kelly Rowland

Rickey, Denzel, and Dolce Telmah certainly saved the best for last. The finale to Rickey's cavalcade of costumes was a recreation of the Destiny's Child "Cater 2 U" video. We certainly wish we could've been there for the conversation to see who got to play who, but love the entire group's dedication to the bit, particularly the run at the end.


Whitney Houston

If there's one thing that Rickey's been great about this Halloween, it's picking the best music icons to pay tribute to with his costumes. Much like his earlier Zendaya costume, we were treated to a full performance of the legend's song, "How Will I Know."


The Hot Chili Steppers From Disney Channel's Jump In!

He went and pushed it, pushed it, to the limit, limit, 'cause he's in it to win it with this costume. Along with Denzel, Dolce Telmah, and Ziggy Mack Johnson, Rickey threw it back to one of the best DCOMs there is, Jump In!.


"Bad Girl" Beyoncé

Did we know we needed Denzel as Usher and Rickey as Beyoncé? No. Are we glad they did it? Absolutely. The truly captured the essence of the live performance and, dare we say it, Rickey is just about as close a person can get to Queen B. Just look at the reveal!


"Replay" Zendaya

It's been a minute since we've thought of the "Replay" era Zendaya, but Rickey's costume was so good, Zendaya couldn't help but notice. Watching Rickey, we kind of want Zendaya to release new music, so there can be more posts like this.


The Jabbawockeez

In order to complete his Jabbawockeez crew, Rickey had to call on Denzel, Dolce Telmah, and Ziggy Mack Johnson. You can tell a lot of practice went into their routine, and it was certainly worth it. We've had it on repeat.


"1, 2 Step" Ciara

We nearly lost it when Rickey did the backbend. Everything about this costume is immaculate, from Rickey's moves to Denzel's suit. Ciara and Missy Elliott better watch out as Rickey and Denzel are coming for them.


Wild 'n Out Girl

It makes perfect sense that the duo would tackle the famous WNO Girls. If anything, Rickey and Denzel carrying "Round 1" signs made it feel as if we'd only just seen the beginning of what Rickey had in store for Halloween.


"Scream" Janet Jackson

Rickey and Denzel's first costume told everyone they weren't playing this year. With Rickey as Janet and Denzel as Michael, the duo added their own flair to the original video's choreography.


Sarah Sanderson

It wouldn't be a Halloween without the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. After last year's excellent Clovers costume from Bring It On, we're glad Rickey, Denzel, and Dolce got together for another trio costume. Although Denzel is kind of the star as Winifred, Dolce and Rickey do an excellent job as Mary and Sarah.