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Rosalía Talks Harry Styles Texting Mishap on Tonight Show

Rosalía Recalls Awkward Texting Mishap With Harry Styles

There's a pretty good chance you may have one of Rosalía's old phone numbers. The "La Fama" singer appeared on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Thursday, where she explained that she changes her phone number "so often" to focus more on creating music. Because of this, a lot of her friends end up texting strangers instead of her because they're using her recycled number.

Rosalía apparently thought that her old numbers just "disappeared" when she changed them, until one day, a stranger impersonated her in a text exchange with Harry Styles. "Can you believe he thought he was texting me?" the singer asked Jimmy Fallon. Rosalía then explained that Styles sent her a screenshot of the texts via Instagram DMs because he found them "confusing." The "Adore You" singer had texted Rosalía a screenshot of him listening to her 2020 song "Dolerme," adding, "This is so beautiful." The person who had her old number then responded, "I know my darling." Styles continued, "Love it," to which the stranger said, "Love you."

After they exchanged messages of adoration, the person finally confessed to Styles, "This number belongs to someone else before. But now it's my number. So don't bother me anymore. Good night. Thanks." Rosalía laughed as she told the audience, "Imagine being that person now looking to the Jimmy Fallon show and saying, 'I said, don't bother me anymore to Harry Styles!'" I certainly would be very upset! Moral of the story: always ask, "Who is this?" if you get a text from an unknown number. It could be Harry Styles.

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