Just 70 Photos of Maluma Doing What He Does Best: Being Drop-Dead Sexy

The fiery depths of hell, a Manhattan subway in the dead of Summer, the sands of the Sahara desert — what do these three seemingly different things all have in common? They're ridiculously hot, but not nearly as hot as Maluma. The 25-year-old Colombian singer (whose real name is Juan Luis Londoño Arias, BTW) has all the hallmarks of a hunky babe: abs that could grate a wheel of cheese, an array of tattoos, boulder-like biceps, and the perfect amount of scruff. In honor of this fine-as-wine specimen of a human and his Tyra Banks-esque smize, we tracked down all of his sexiest photos — shirtless snaps included! — for your viewing pleasure. If you can make it through all 70 of them without passing out, we truly applaud you.

. . . And Again