We Thought We'd Seen It All on Shameless — Then We Found the Cast's Funny TikTok Videos

It's safe to assume that when you've been on a TV show together for 11 very formative years of your life, you're going to be as close as family. And for the cast of Shameless, they are family both on screen and off screen. As the beloved show wraps its 11th and final season, we've fallen deep into a social media hole that is Emma Kenney's TikTok account, and the videos are giving us our fix in between episodes. The 21-year-old actress who plays Debbie Gallagher has captured the group doing all the viral challenges — "who's the most likely" sibling edition with the cast, put a finger down with Steve Howey (Kev), and so many more. Check out the cast of Shameless's TikTok videos ahead and prepare to gush over the adorable videos with onscreen daughter Franny.