Shia LaBeouf Got a Standing Ovation on The Ellen DeGeneres Show For Liking "Boring Sex"

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Things got extra spicy for Shia LaBeouf on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, literally and figuratively, after he downed an entire ghost pepper. During a round of "Burning Questions," the Peanut Butter Falcon star sweated his way through the game as he discussed his thoughts on the Mile High Club and his love for "cuddly '50s Rockwell missionary, boring sex." Much to his surprise, this admission earned him a standing ovation from Ellen DeGeneres and her entire audience. Shia also talked about his childhood crush on Natalie Portman, his fear of spiders, his best onscreen kiss, and the craziest rumor that he's heard about himself (truly hilarious). Watch the full video above to see Shia answer all of Ellen's burning questions with a numb mouth.