We Challenge You to Find a More Glamorous Thanksgiving Than Sofia Vergara's Family's

It appears there are few people having a more fun and glamorous Thanksgiving than Sofia Vergara and her family.

The Vergara household made sure to include all the things that a good Thanksgiving should:: food, family, dogs, dancing, a dedicated Fall photo backdrop, gold sequin dresses, a ceiling filled with gold balloons, glitter ball drink holders . . . you know, totally relaxing and low-key. To be honest, we wouldn't expect anything less than Sofia making Thanksgiving as fabulous as humanly possible. Aside from the decorations and food, the best part of the entire day was Sofia and her mini-mes doing a dancing routine.

Luckily for us, Sofia documented every aspect of the special occasion on her Instagram. Ahead, get a peek into the totally extra, over-the-top, and incredibly glamorous day.