Please Enjoy the Pure and Utter Chaos of Taye Diggs's TikTok

You know the gridded chart that dictates whether someone's "chaotic evil," "lawful neutral," and so on? Taye Diggs's TikTok account would fall solidly in the "chaotic good" section. The 50-year-old actor just joined the app this week and is already serving up heaps of wild content that has me wondering where on earth his manager is. True to dad form, Taye clearly hasn't figured out how to add audio to his clips yet, so he's just filling the dead air with his own sound effects in the meantime — and I really hope it stays that way, TBH.

Ever since Taye created a TikTok and started crossposting videos on Twitter, his follower count has risen by the minute, breaking the 260,000 threshold and surpassing 1 million views on half of his comedic masterpieces. So far, he's filmed selfie-style clips while driving, one on the set of All American, and a few while dancing at home — all free of edits, transitions, or special effects — and I have a feeling this is only the beginning. To join in on Taye's TikTok journey, check out the delightfully weird videos he's shared so far ahead, and be sure to slam that "follow" button on his page, @tiktoktaye.

The fact that this video is Taye's first TikTok post just really sums things up nicely. Was his stomping on the phone screen an attempt at some sort of smooth transition?

I'm honestly not sure how Kareem Grimes kept a straight face in the midst of this madness.

See above for a peek inside my brain 90 percent of the time.

I can't decide what's funnier: the passionate shoulder slaps or the "himmney himmney himmney."

Imagine driving by THE Taye Diggs and this is what he's doing in the car.

10/10 would purchase this remix of "Everybody Dance Now."

In case you forgot how to jerk, here's your reintroduction.