Tom Felton Posted a Sweet Throwback Video With Emma Watson on the Harry Potter Set

Attention please! This is your monthly reminder that Tom Felton and Emma Watson have the cutest friendship ever, and they've just proven it all over again. In the late hours of Monday evening, Tom took to Instagram, posting a sweet throwback video showing himself and Emma, playing a friendly hand clap game. Dressed in their Hogwarts robes on the Harry Potter set, the behind-the-scenes clip shows their relationship goes way back — probably to the very first movie.

Sure, Daniel Radcliffe is also in the brief video, and sure, he was the star of the movies. But Emma and Tom are definitely the focus here, and that's for very good reason. Fans of the Harry Potter films have always been besotted with their friendship. They have both always supported one another online, and in August, Tom posted a seriously cute photo on Instagram where he is teaching Emma how to play the guitar and, of course, it promptly sent the Internet into a tailspin. Once you're finished watching the seriously cute video above, head here to check out all their other cute friendship moments.