Vanessa Bayer on Anxiety, Pets, and Real '80s Nostalgia

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Vanessa Bayer is a "Saturday Night Live" alum with performance anxiety. Beyond appearing on one of the most high stakes shows around, that makes her completely relatable! The "DC League of Super-Pets" star opened up to POPSUGAR about how the pressure to do her best isn't something that goes away, but luckily a daily meditation practice helps keep those feelings in check.

Don't fret, dear reader, an interview with this hilarious comedian did not solely touch on serious topics. Bayer told us all about the perils of pet ownership (in her eyes), and her deep fandom for the '80s animated hit "Jem and the Holograms" (which she described as "very Hannah Montana"). Plus, if you don't leave the video above wanting to buy the water bottle Bayer is clearly such a fan of, well, you may already have a satisfactory water bottle — but it's still a fun segment.

Catch Bayer in "DC League of Super-Pets," out now!