Who Gave Victoria Monét's Chimpanzee Friend Permission to Serve This Hard?

Hello, Elite Model Management? IMG? Wilhelmina? I have a rising star to put on your radar: someone who can out pose the best of the best, someone who can serve face even with their eyes closed, and someone who truly knows how to snatch up the spotlight. He's well-connected, too, with big-name music stars in his posse. He goes by the name of Limbani and resides at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami. Oh yeah, and did I mention? He's a chimpanzee.

As former ANTM judge André Leon Talley would say, there's not one ounce of "dreckitude" detected.

I and much of the internet first became aware of Limbani's existence on Wednesday when Victoria Monét shared a throwback picture with the chimp on Twitter. It's not just any picture, though — it's the type Tyra Banks would select as the best photo during an America's Next Top Model panel, all thanks to Limbani. While sitting on Victoria's lap, the well-groomed primate has one hand delicately perched atop the singer's head, while the other is bent and draped by his side. I mean, the elegance! The poise! The angelic facial expression! The way he's catching that light! As former ANTM judge André Leon Talley would say, there's not one ounce of "dreckitude" detected.

What's more, Limbani is looking perfectly groomed, as if he knew Victoria's visit would result in a full-fledged photo shoot. Seriously, who is his hairstylist, and what products do they use to achieve that effortless sheen? Does he prefer a fine-tooth comb or regular hairbrush for detangling? And those nails? Yeah, they're pretty much trimmed more cleanly than mine ever are. I need an entire beauty routine video ASAP.

Soon after Victoria shared the campaign-worthy photo of her chimp BFF, her Twitter followers went bananas and replied with some pretty hilarious reactions. "Why is the monkey stunting on us like this?!" one person wrote, while another chimed in with, "Ma'am, I'm sorry but that furry baby ATE you up!" I, too, am sorry, fellow Victoria, but Limbani did indeed eat you up and left absolutely zero crumbs behind. The serve of 2020 has been delivered.