Sorry Everyone, but Frances Tiafoe Is Happily Taken: Meet Ayan Broomfield

For tennis star Frances Tiafoe, love is more than just a score on the tennis court. As the tennis player's profile has only grown since his best-ever Grand Slam performance at the 2022 US Open, where he made it to the semifinals and beat Rafael Nadal in the progress, he's had a big cheerleader by his side: girlfriend Ayan Broomfield.

Tiafoe and Broomfield haven't kept their romance private, and as the tennis pro gains more and more attention, so does his love life. Back in March, Tiafoe posted photos of him and Broomfield — including a side-by-side of them at a 2023 event versus them in 2018 — on Instagram and wrote, "Appreciation post for my rock. Nothing but love BB. Gotta ask y'all what looks better on us 2k18 or 2k23." And in a February post for Valentine's Day, he called Broomfield "my day one."

Having such a big supporter by his side has surely been important to Tiafoe — whose nickname is "Big Foe" — in the past year as his star has risen. He told the New York Times in an interview published on Aug. 28, "That saying that your life can change overnight is 100 percent true. After I beat Rafa Nadal at last year's Open, I felt like I was looked at totally different." As for how he survives it all, he said, "You need to really have solid people around you. Everybody says that but don't really live by it." He added that now everyone wants his time, "And I think the biggest thing for me is learning to say no. I still need to do a much better job of that. "

Read on to learn about Broomfield's own career, her relationship with Tiafoe, and the award-winning film she worked on as a stunt double.

She's an Athlete Herself

While Broomfield cheers Tiafoe on during his games, she also has a serious tennis career of her own. Before college, she competed on the ITF tour, ultimately winning two doubles titles.

She Was a Body Double in "King Richard"

Thanks to her tennis skills and athletic prowess, Broomfield acted as the body double for Saniyya Sidney, the actor who played Venus Williams in "King Richard." She even has a picture with Will Smith to prove it. She also posed with Serena Williams at one of the film's premieres.

She's a UCLA Alum

Broomfield graduated from UCLA in 2020 and has shared many exciting accomplishments during her time there, including winning a national championship ring. "My number one goal for college tennis was to get a national championship ring. look what just arrived 💎😍 could not be happier to get it while competing at ucla," she captioned a January 2020 Instagram post of herself showing off her ring.

In addition to being a college graduate, she can say she's an NCAA national champion and an All-American tennis player, too.

She Just Turned 26

In honor of her 26th birthday (and Leo season, of course), Tiafoe, 25, posted a photo of his girlfriend on Aug. 13 and wrote on Instagram, "Happy 26th bday to my queen. Hope you had a great day my love. Can't wait to spend more amazing years of life with you. See you soon beautiful."

In 2022, Tiafoe also wrote for her birthday, "Happy 25th bday to my baby. Quarter way done with this whole life thing. Damn you getting old out here 😂😂😂." All jokes aside, he added, "Enjoy it today wish I was with you I love you see you soon ❤️❤️😍😍."

She’s Been Dating Tiafoe Since 2015

According to Instagram, Tiafoe and Broomfield have been dating since February 2015. That means they've been together for over eight years!

She Has Brand Partnerships With Athleta and Wilson Tennis

Ultimately, Broomfield is so much more than someone's girlfriend — she's an athlete and a boss in her own right, and she has the brand deals to prove it. She's worked with Athleta and Wilson Tennis and is currently featured in one of Wilson's ads. She posted photos of herself in front of her ad at their store on Instagram on Aug. 27.