Get to Know Gabrielle Gorman, Amanda Gorman's Impressive Twin Sister

We were quite impressed by Amanda Gorman, the 22-year-old author and poet at the 2021 inauguration. After finding out she has a twin sister named Gabrielle Gorman, we couldn't wait to learn more about her. Gabrielle is currently living in Los Angeles, and she's worked with several campaigns, like LinkedIn's #InItTogether, and agencies, like the California Arts Council. She's even worked with Lana Del Rey! While Gabrielle stands out as a passionate filmmaker who's already won several awards for her work, she's also relatable in that she loves Disney just as much as we do. To learn more about who Gabrielle is and all she's done, read ahead for eight fun facts.

She Hosted an International Film Festival

In 2017, Gabrielle hosted the My Hero Film Festival, which showcases international professional and student filmmakers. "It's crazy to think that 5 years ago, the thought of raising my hand in class was enough to make my stomach turn and now I'm hosting international film festivals!!" she wrote in an Instagram post.

She's a High School Musical Fan

Gabrielle traveled to Salt Lake High School East, where High School Musical was filmed, and we're so jealous! Seeing her sing and dance around the campus will make your day, so you have to give her video a watch.

She Was a Creative Content Intern For TOMS

For nine weeks, Gabrielle served as a creative content intern for the shoe company TOMS. Through this opportunity, she got to film, direct, and choreograph videos for social media.

She's Rediscovering Her Love For Dance After Stressful Competition Experiences

Gabrielle used to dance competitively and at school, but the intensity and insecurity she felt caused her to forget why she loves dancing. However, she's happy to have now found a type of dance that helps her feel in control, and she's been dancing every day. "It signifies liberation, self-love, and every movement brings me closer to myself," she wrote in an Instagram post.

She Graduated From College at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2020

She's a recent college graduate! Gabrielle graduated from UCLA's School of Film and Television in 2020, where she specialized in screenwriting.

She Was Named One of the Top Young Filmmakers in the Country

Gabrielle has received many awards for her creative work, including being named one of the top seven filmmakers in the country by the National YoungArts Foundation.

She Was Featured in Her Alma Mater's Newspaper, Where She Discussed Her Vlog-Style Web Series

Gabrielle hosts a web series on YouTube under the name "Bell Parks," where she shares tips for handling job rejection, how she gave her apartment a makeover, and more. She was thrilled to discuss this series for a feature in the UCLA Daily Bruin, the student newspaper at her alma mater. "Yah girl's been waiting for 4 years," she said on Instagram regarding the feature.

She's an Activist

Gabrielle is passionate about human rights. She's marched in several rallies to support women, the Charlottesville victims, and more. We're thankful for her activism!