Get to Know Jordan Alexander, the Gossip Girl Star You're About to Be Crushing On

Jordan Alexander comprises everything we already know about the latest Gossip Girl reboot's cast: super talented, and putting a fresh, fierce spin on the classic 2000s show we know and love. While we really can't contain our excitement for the revival, set to premiere on HBO Max sometime in 2021, Alexander is already turning heads with her fashion sense, her unique personality, and her several talents. With a starring role as an Upper East Sider in the upcoming series, we still don't know much about Alexander's character, but we're dying to know more about her! Read on for eight fun facts about the breakthrough actress we're buzzing about.


Her Gossip Girl Character's Name is Julien Calloway

Although we still don't know much about Alexander's Gossip Girl character, we do know she goes by the name Julien Calloway and is set to be one of the main characters in the series. Plus, the official Gossip Girl account recently posted on Instagram that Alexander's role is synonymous with "influence." We can't wait to find out more!


She Is a Singer-Songwriter

Apart from her talents as an actress, Alexander was actually a soulful singer-songwriter first. She has music videos for various singles, including "Take Me Out Tonight," "Cool," "Fade Away," and her most recent song "You," which was released in June 2020. She has given several concerts, even opening for Kehlani during a 2018 Toronto Pride event, and told Square Mile she would love to make music with Kendrick Lamar.


She's Having a Great Time Filming Gossip Girl With the Cast

It's no lie that Alexander is already having an incredible time filming Gossip Girl with the cast and crew, posting photos of them eating dinner together, driving tractors, and even cuddling with the cutest dog. We're just obsessing over the fact that they're actually BFF's in real life — and very curious about how these farm scenes tie into the series.


Her Acting Career Blossomed Super Quickly

According to Deadline, Alexander was urged by her sister to pursue acting and was quickly signed by a Canadian agent, leading to a major role in just six months. Although she previously just worked on her music and songwriting, the multitalented artist quickly nabbed the role of a lifetime with Gossip Girl. We just can't wait to see what she does next!


She's an Activist

As if her incredible singing, songwriting, and acting weren't enough, Alexander is also a political activist. Fighting for the rights of people of color and the LGBTQ+ community, her passion and bravery for what's right are so impressive. In regard to what she hopes to accomplish through her art, Alexander told Square Mile that she wants "to use art to help empower people who feel excluded from the general narrative, and encourage them to be seen and heard." She also hopes "to be a part of the change and the movement toward diversity and inclusivity."


You Might've Already Seen Her on Sacred Lies

Before her career-changing role on Gossip Girl, Alexander starred in Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones, a Facebook Watch suspense series. Starring opposite Juliette Lewis, Alexander played a troubled foster kid.


Before Fame, Her Songwriting Ended Up in Unexpected Places

Long before the days of tartan skirts, thigh-high boots and Upper East Side drama, Alexander's songwriting opened up some unexpected opportunities. After attending a songwriting challenge, her song titled "Hearts on Fire" was picked by the series Anne with an E to be featured in the trailer.


Rihanna Is Her Biggest Inspiration

While we're here fangirling over Alexander, the talented actress can't stop feeling inspired by one of the biggest names in the business: none other than Rihanna (same!). She told Square Mile, "Rihanna is a huge inspiration for me. She is business savvy, talented, strong-minded, and she supports women, all while still enjoying her life. I want to achieve my goals and be successful and I want to be happy."