These 9 Facts About Dash & Lily Star Midori Francis Confirm She's the Coolest

If we made a list of kickass multifaceted actresses, Midori Francis would be included without question. You might have recently seen the 26-year-old star on Netflix's adaptation of Dash & Lily or you might know her from the 2019 film Good Boys. But the New Jersey-born performer's skillset goes beyond the screen, as she's previously starred in a number of stage plays. Francis is also an artistic writer who occasionally shares poetic verses on her Instagram account. Additionally, she uses her platform to raise awareness of social issues such as climate change. Yep, she's pretty awesome. Look ahead to read more about Francis!


She Took an Interest in the Arts at a Very Young Age

Midori has shared a few throwback posts of her singing and dancing at a young age, which pretty much confirm she was destined to be a performer.

She Attended Rutgers University
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She Attended Rutgers University

In May 2014, Midori received a bachelor of fine arts degree from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University.


She's a Skilled Stage Performer

Midori has starred in a series of stage productions, including Before the Meeting, The Wolves, and Ming Peiffer's acclaimed Usual Girls.

Good Boys Was Her First Major Film Role
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Good Boys Was Her First Major Film Role

Francis stars as Lily, one half of the teenage duo who hunt down sixth graders Max (Jacob Tremblay), Lucas (Keith L. Williams), and Thor (Brady Noon) to retrieve stolen drugs. Francis also appeared in 2018's Ocean's 8 and was a series regular on The Birch.

She's Already Earned a Handful of Awards
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She's Already Earned a Handful of Awards

In 2017, Francis and her costars from the play The Wolves earned a Drama Desk Award for outstanding ensemble. That year, they also won an Obie Award for distinguished performance by an ensemble. Additionally, Francis took home a NYIT Award for outstanding actress in a featured role for her part in the play Connected.


She Speaks Out About Important Social Causes

Francis makes her stance on social issues clear, supporting important causes such as gender equality, racial equity, and eco-friendly initiatives.


She Sometimes Shares Her Writings and Poetry

Fans of Francis can read some of her verses and poetic compositions on Instagram.

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She Used to Be a Nanny

While speaking to FabTV about Good Boys, Francis said that filming with the young cast was easy since she used to work with kids. "They're great people, great kids," she said. "I was stuck in a car with them for three months, and there were times when one of our cameras went down, and my director was like, 'You know, work with them,' and I was like, 'Oh, am I nannying right now? Because I used to nanny, and I feel like that's what's happening now.'"

Home Alone Is One of Her Favorite Holiday Movies
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Home Alone Is One of Her Favorite Holiday Movies

In an interview with POPSUGAR, Francis revealed that Home Alone is one of her favorite Christmas movies, saying, "My dad showed me it. I was scared of getting left home alone, so it was cool to see that played out."

She also named 2000's The Family Man as another holiday pick. "I love it," she said. "The whole theme is about this dad who is not very present. He's working all the time, and he misses out on the chance to have a family. Then, something magical happens as it always does when it's a Christmas movie, and he's able to see what his life could have been like had he chosen a family over his job. It's so beautiful, it's so sweet. I always cry. I'm a sucker for family stuff."