Our Kind of People Star Rhyon Nicole Brown Is No Stranger to Hollywood

Rhyon Nicole Brown has been in the entertainment industry longer than you may think. Though the actress is currently starring on FOX's Our Kind of People, she's been making moves in Hollywood since she was a kid. If you're wondering why you may have seen her before, it's probably because you have! Rhyon is most notably known for playing Lizzie Sutton on Lincoln Heights, but she's remained booked and busy since then, snagging roles on Empire, Tales, and Lifetime's Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel'le. During the early days in her career, she also had the opportunity to appear on shows like 7th Heaven, ER, That's So Raven, and many others. Get to know more about Rhyon ahead.

She Got Bit by the Acting Bug at an Early Age
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She Got Bit by the Acting Bug at an Early Age

A lot of stars have gotten their big break in show business as kids, and Rhyon's career journey has been no different. Some of her early acting credits stretch all the way back to 1999 and include My Wife and Kids, Everybody Loves Raymond, Girlfriends, and Providence.

Taraji P. Henson Gave Her the Biggest Compliment on Her Acting Skills

Taraji P. Henson Gave Her the Biggest Compliment on Her Acting Skills

During an interview with Hollywire, the Our Kind of People star recalled her time on FOX's Empire and shared how much she enjoyed working with Taraji P. Henson. She even talked about the time that the iconic actress paid her the biggest compliment while they worked on the show together. According to Rhyon, Taraji raved to a friend of hers about how well she had done on set. "To find that out from somebody else was even more powerful because, you know, sometimes people say stuff to you and you're like, 'Are they saying that to be nice or do they really mean it?" Rhyon recalled.

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She Has a Knack For Singing and Dancing

Though Rhyon says acting is the first major gig that really took off for her, she originally started out doing musical theatre when she was around 5 years old. As she's gotten older, she's honed in on her singing and dancing skills to tap into other outlets for her creativity. "I would say I look at acting as my way to empathize with the lives of other people and my way to get people to do the same because when I'm acting it's not about me. I'm bringing someone else's words to life," she told The Italian Rêve during an interview in 2018. "But when it comes to singing and dancing, I use those to express myself to the world."


She Didn't Let Her Career Stop Her From Getting a College Degree

Though her career was already well underway by the time she was a young adult, that didn't stop Rhyon from wanting to go off to college to work on her craft and become a better actress. She took a brief hiatus from acting and went on to attend the University of Southern California's film school to study how to get better behind the camera, graduating in 2014.

Her Impression of Singer Michel'le Is Incredibly Spot-On
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Her Impression of Singer Michel'le Is Incredibly Spot-On

The actress portrayed the famous R&B star in Lifetime's Surviving Compton, and absolutely nailed her infamous high-pitched voice. She even tried to teach The Real's hosts how to imitate her voice saying, "[Michel'le] said she talked over her larynx . . . so she talks kind of behind it and over it."