Who Is Sinqua Walls? The Resort to Love Star Dreams of Being in a Marvel Film One Day

All you have to do is stare at Sinqua Walls in a tuxedo to fall in love with him. In the newest Netflix original produced by Alicia Keys, Resort to Love, Walls stars as Caleb, the brother of Erica's (Christina Milian) ex, Jason (Jay Pharoah). Erica is a singer who meets Caleb at a resort that she's hired to perform at. It turns out the event Erica is singing in is none other than her ex's wedding! While Erica battles her feelings, we're battling how anyone could possibly not fall instantly in love with the dreamy and super sweet Caleb.

One of Walls's most famous roles on television was Vernon Boyd, a quiet and highly intelligent high school student and werewolf in Teen Wolf. Other major projects in Wall's résumé include Once Upon a Time, Otherhood, Power, and American Soul. In addition to Resort to Love, Walls is also set to appear in the upcoming thrillers, Alice, and Nanny, as well as an NBC pilot titled, At That Age. If you want to learn more about this talented 36-year-old actor, keep reading for some fun facts about him!

He Likes a Little Competition on a Date Night

When People TV asked Walls in 2019 what his ideal first date would be, he responded, "I'm a game night and activity guy, so my ideal first date would be something like going to Dave & Buster's or a bowling alley. You can actually interact and be a little bit competitive and you see how people respond. You get to learn a lot about people."

He Meditates to Start Every Day

In order to start his day with the right mindset, Walls meditates every morning. In an interview with UNINTERRUPTED's The Thre@d, Walls said, "Genuinely, the first thing that I do every day is meditate. I get up in the morning, I meditate anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes a day, I pray for 10 to 15 minutes a day, and I read 10 pages of a book. So typically, that's what I start with it. I ground myself in that space so when I hit my day, I'm 10 toes down and I know how I want to enter the world."

Working on Otherhood Made Him Appreciate His Mom Even More

Walls grew close to his mom-on-set Angela Bassett while filming Otherhood, but the movie also made him appreciate his real-life mom even more. "My mom has been such an influential force in my life," Walls said in an interview with Hollywood Life. "I don't think I learned anything new, but always remember to just value her even more...I think more than anything I've become even more grateful and appreciative that she took the time to do what I thought was nagging, and now I realize were jewels, and I hear them all the time now. So, I thank her for those more."

He Went to Therapy — And Encourages Others to do the Same

Working on your mental health is definitely a good thing, which is why Walls is proud that he went to therapy. In an interview with Buzzfeed in 2019, he said, "I went to therapy, and I promote going to therapy at all times for people because sometimes it can just help you through things. You can talk to someone whose job it is to listen and help you figure out your issues. We all carry things from somewhere — adulthood, childhood, two days ago — and sometimes you just need the tools to work through it. I always promote mental health to my friends and other Black men."

He Dreams to One Day Be in Marvel Movies

Way back in 2013, when Walls was still starring in Teen Wolf, he told Collider that he hoped his work would lead him to becoming an action star one day, specifically for Marvel. During the interview, he said, "That's the goal. Sinqua Walls, action star. Hopefully, Teen Wolf is the training ground. From what I hear, everyone who does a Marvel movie gets a three-picture deal. I'll be Sam Jackson's stand-in. I'll do eight pictures for Marvel, and then I'll just do indies. Marvel can pay for my indie career."