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A-F-R-O Freestyle Rap | Video

This 17-Year-Old Rapper Can Freestyle Like Nobody's Business

Prepare to be seriously blown away by this teenager's freestyle rap, because as people hand him random objects, he drops verse after impressive verse. A couple of weeks ago, R.A. the Rugged Man shared a video of 17-year-old A-F-R-O's freestyle rap, and it was so good that people didn't actually believe it was a freestyle, claiming he must have rehearsed. To prove that he really was making up the verses as he went along, they shared another video, with R.A. the Rugged Man handing A-F-R-O random objects to rap about — a notebook, a keyboard, a water bottle — as A-F-R-O came up with awesome verses. Watch the crazy-good freestyle above and his original video below, and then check out more can't-miss viral videos!

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