This Is the Haunting Song From the 13 Reasons Why Trailer — We Know You've Been Googling It

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The official trailer for season two of 13 Reasons Why recently dropped, and our minds are still reeling with questions after watching the ominous, Polaroid-filled teaser. Who's that blond chick making out with Bryce? Why the heck is Clay doing target practice with a gun? Who is the mastermind behind all those crazy notes on the Polaroids? And what on earth is the chilling song playing in the background of the trailer?

Though we may have to wait until the season drops on Netflix to get our answers for those first three questions, we no longer have to dig around in the depths of Google to track down the trailer song — because it was just released on iTunes and Spotify.

Titled "How Far Does the Dark Go?," the track is by Anya Marina, an NYC-based artist who's been featured on a slew of other dramas like Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl. The haunting song features some pretty dark lyrics. One verse says, "There better be some meaning 'cause I'm running from my life, hiding from my feeling that you're the reason why," while another lyric alludes to a "loaded gun." Yikes. There's something about Anya's voice that'll truly send chills down your spine and make you wonder what lies ahead for Clay and the rest of his Liberty High School crew.

If you need us, you can find us listening to this on repeat — along with the entire 13 Reasons Why season two soundtrack — until May 18.