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15 Scary Moments From Kids Movies

15 Uncharacteristically Terrifying Moments in Otherwise Wonderful Kids Movies

15 Scary Moments From Kids Movies
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Being a kid is hard: everything you experience is brand new, you have to learn math . . . it's a lot for any little mind to process. Then along comes Hollywood tossing scary moments in kids movies where they don't belong. Some movies for the younger set are meant to be terrifying; for instance, no one is going to be surprised when Coraline generates some major nightmare fuel. But as a child, you and your parents surely thought you were safe from scares while watching Home Alone or Rock-a-Doodle. But those movies, and so many more, served up unexpectedly terrifying scenes that still haunt your psyche to this day.

Ready to face your childhood nightmares? Then continue on for a list of frightening moments in otherwise totally normal kids movies.

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