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Alex Landi Playing Gay Surgeon Nico Kim on Grey's Anatomy

A Brand-New Surgeon Is Coming to Grey's Anatomy, and He's Going to Make History

Everyone give a warm Seattle welcome to Dr. Nico Kim! TVLine reports that the new doctor, played by relative newcomer Alex Landi, is set to join Grey's Anatomy's upcoming 15th season when it debuts at the end of September, and he's going to make history for one very important reason: Nico will be the series's first gay male surgeon.

Over the course of the last 14 years, there has obviously been plenty of LGBTQ+ representation on the medical drama. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez), a bisexual surgeon, was in a passionate (and rocky) relationship with lesbian Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) for years. In the more recent seasons, intern Casey (played by Alex Blue Davis) comes out as "a proud trans man" to Dr. Bailey in the season 14 episode "Out of Nowhere." That being said, none of the prominent LGBTQ+ characters have been male surgeons.

As for Landi, the NYC-born actor is half-Korean and half-Italian and prior to now has appeared in bit roles in TV shows like Bull and Childlike. His recurring stint on the long-running drama will begin this Fall, but other than that, details about Nico are scant. ABC has only confirmed the casting so far, declining to provide additional details about Landi's character or how long he'll be operating at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Image Source: ABC
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