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American Horror Story Recap "Go to Hell"

American Horror Story's Most Twisted Moments

Did you think American Horror Story couldn't get any more twisted? This week's episode, "Go to Hell," proves you wrong. Though it starts out on a slow note, the episode builds up to some of the best and bloodiest moments of the season, as people are hatcheted, stabbed, and shot in the head. (The shooting is in a vision sequence, so maybe is doesn't count, but still.) Misty returns to the land of the living and starts an insane fight with Madison, but the big story this week is that several of the main characters we've grown to love bite it in a shocking final few minutes.

Without spoiling too much, it looks like next week we'll finally get to see someone attempt the Seven Wonders, which we learn are the following: telekinesis, concilium, transmutation, divination, vitalum vitalis, descensum, and pyrokinesis. But first, let's go through this week's most shocking moments, beginning with Delphine's return to her old stomping grounds.

  • Delphine hatchets the tour guide at her old home. After torturing Marie and spreading her body parts around New Orleans, Delphine returns to her old home to show around groups of morbidly curious tourists. You may wonder how she got the job, so I'll tell you. She lures the original tour guide up to her old Chamber of Horrors, then, insulted by the guide's lack of proper information — "It was 62!" — she kills the poor lady.
  • Queenie stabs Delphine to death. I'm not sure what Queenie's motivation is at this point. She doesn't feel at home in the coven, but she isn't quite fitting in with the voodoo crowd. Still, she wants to protect Marie, and when she realizes Delphine has murdered her, Queenie vows revenge. She stabs Delphine in her own home, sentencing her to true death. At least she tries to give her an out, but Delphine shows her true colors and insists she's not sorry until the bitter end.
  • Cordelia has a vision that Fiona kills the whole coven. Cordelia is still trying to find her sixth sense, and when Fiona puts her own mother's necklace around Cordelia's neck, the visions finally return. So maybe she didn't have to blind herself in a horrific back-alley procedure? That would have been good to know last week. Anyway, she sees all the witches have been killed in the house and that Fiona is the murderer. The whole sequence felt very The Virgin Suicides.
  • The Axeman murders Fiona. Once the Axeman finds out Cordelia is plotting to skip town without him, he snaps. It never occurred to me until this episode just how cocky Fiona is, strutting around, screwing people over, and just lighting a cigarette and telling them, "Eh, that's life." Well, the Axeman doesn't take the news well, and he axes her to death. Yes, Fiona is dead. Say it with me now: Fiona is dead. He even feeds her carcass to the alligators to make sure she doesn't return. I'm still reeling that Fiona doesn't make it to the finale!
  • The witches savagely murder the Axeman. Fiona may have been the worst Supreme ever, but she was still their leader, and the witches descend upon her killer like piranhas after a raw chicken. For those counting at home, this is the second time the Axeman is killed in that house.
  • Marie and Delphine are together forever in hell. Having both been murdered, Marie and Delphine find themselves in a dark chamber. Delphine's daughter is in a cage alongside her mother, and Marie is tasked with torturing her. For a second, Marie wakes up and doesn't realize why she's there or what's going on, and that's when Papa Legba (known to Fiona as "that half-baked Beetlejuice") reveals himself. Turns out they're in his room, aka hell, for eternity. Note to Marie: don't die still in debt to an evil spirit.

Who's excited for next week's finale?

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