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Andy Serkis Does Gollum Impression for James Corden

It's Been 6 Years Since The Hobbit, but Andy Serkis Can Still Do a Scarily Perfect Gollum

If you've ever made a Gollum "My Precious" joke (which we all have so don't even try to deny it), Andy Serkis would like to remind you who did it first. During a visit to The Late Late Show with James Corden, the English actor gave the host and fellow guest Michael Peña a tutorial on how he's portrayed his past characters. A master of motion capture, Serkis taught the two a few techniques that he used while playing his characters, including the lip trick he used for Baloo in his new film Mowgli. Of course Corden couldn't let him go without asking him to pull out what is possibly his most famous performance ever. Watch Serkis show us how it's all done above!

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