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You Will Definitely, Probably Cry Over Angela Lansbury's Performance of "Beauty and the Beast"

Beauty and the Beast celebrated its 25th anniversary with a special screening in NYC on Sunday night, and the result was pretty magical. Not only did the original cast reunite at Lincoln Center for the special occasion, but Angela Lansbury, who voiced the role of Mrs. Potts, surprised everyone with a special performance of the title song. As the movie's composer, Alan Menken, played the piano, the 90-year-old actress hit all the right notes as she sang on stage, even ending the tune with her character's signature send-off. "Run along again to the cupboard, Chip," she said to the audience. "Night, love." Watch the full video above, then see what the original Belle had to say about Emma Watson's upcoming portrayal of the princess in the live-action adaptation.

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