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Annabelle 2 Trailer

The Chilling New Trailer For Annabelle: Creation Is Here to Ruin Your Day

We were hoping to have a nice, peaceful day, but much like a demon-possessed doll who wants to ruin the lives of the people around her, Warner Bros. went ahead and released a new trailer for Annabelle: Creation, a movie that will surely haunt us all well into old age. To its credit, the sequel to 2014's dull spinoff of The Conjuring seems to be trying to freshen up Annabelle a bit; instead of another movie about the evil doll terrorizing a new family, Annabelle: Creation — due out Aug. 11 — is an origin story involving nuns, creepy children, and demonic possession. Like we said: a nice, peaceful day.

Trailer 2:

Trailer 1:

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