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Annie Golden "Hang Up the Phone" Music Video

"Silent" Norma From Orange Is the New Black Was Actually an '80s Rock Star IRL

If you've gotten caught up on Orange Is the New Black, you're well aware that Norma Romano, aka "Silent Norma," has become something of a religious figure for Litchfield's lost and lonely prisoners. In real life, though, actress Annie Golden is actually pretty talkative, and back in the '70s and '80s she used her voice as one of the stars of Hair and as the frontwoman for a pop-punk band called The Shirts. They performed at CBGB during its heyday, and Annie also contributed a solo song to the Sixteen Candles soundtrack in 1984; the tune, called "Hang Up the Phone," played during a scene in which Jake Ryan tries to call Sam Baker.

It's pretty amazing to see mute Norma — who has only uttered a few words during three seasons of OITNB — in all her '80s glory, bopping around in big hair and neon clothes while trying to get ahold of her crush on an actual landline. Watch the video above now, then see everything we know about season four of Orange Is the New Black.

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