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Annie Remake Trailer With Cameron Diaz

Hear the New Version of "Tomorrow" in the Final Annie Trailer

Now that we've all gotten to digest the first couple trailers for Annie, I think we've all warmed to the cast of the remake, which includes 2013 Oscar nominee and breakout star Quvenzhané Wallis as the title orphan, Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan, and Jamie Foxx as Benjamin Stacks, aka Daddy Warbucks. The second trailer prominently features the iconic song "It's a Hard Knock Life," and this third and final one showcases "Tomorrow." If that doesn't charm you, the footage might. Wallis looks adorable as Annie, and Foxx is bringing his signature charm. Prepare for your heart to melt when Annie comes out on Christmas Day, and in the meantime, check out all the trailers below.

Watch the original trailer here.

And here's the first teaser.

Image Source: Sony Pictures
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CarolRhodes23185 CarolRhodes23185 3 years
I absolutely love Annie, this I look so forward to already.
David15504126 David15504126 3 years
First off it doesn't matter the color of her hit it is the fact it is a tired remake with a tired jaime foxx. Studios keep remaking movies and can't find anything else to do. This movie will tank anyways wouldn't take my grandchildren to see it
judiwth judiwth 3 years
Love it. Look forward to great new take on this story I first knew from the comic strip.
Brittany15503803 Brittany15503803 3 years
why cant hollywood just leave the classics ALONE!? I do not support this remake at all.
Jenna15503770 Jenna15503770 3 years
Why is anyone complaining about the color of Annie's hair or, let's be real, skin? You do realize that most children in foster care are black, right? Little white babies are practically flying off of the shelves. It has gotten to the point where adoptive parents are given a sort of "discount" for adopting children of non-Caucasian backgrounds. Adoption facts aside, GET OVER YOURSELVES. She's cute, she can sing, she can dance. She is the things Annie needs to be based on this trailer. I'll be honest; I will probably not watch the film... But I'm not avoiding it for some dumb reason like her hair color being "wrong."
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