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Backstreet Boys Singing "Everybody" in Chicken Suits Video

You NEED to See Jimmy Fallon and Backstreet Boys Clucking Their Way Through "Everybody"

If there's anything that will make you glad you woke up today, it's probably this video of the Backstreet Boys dressed up as giant chicks as they sing "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Oh, did I say sing? I meant, cluck. There's just something about seeing grown men "ba-bawk" their way through one of their hit songs while dressed up in yellow feathers that's utterly delightful. Of course, Fallon joined the group for their performance, and the six of them really gave the clucking rendition their all — complete with some classic dance moves. I'm not sure what Fallon has on them that got them to agree to this, but I thank him wholeheartedly. Watch the video above!

Image Source: NBC
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